Tips For Playing Video Poker Online

It can be tough for some to manage the impressive return rates that can be had through video poker online, but there are always definite ways to improve.

Getting Better

There are plenty of ways to become better at video poker online, and good American casino players with patience and a mild amount of discipline will be able to learn, adapt, and begin making money off of the game. The first bit of advice to follow is to always play Jacks or Better with the best possible (full pay) tables. This means a 9/6 full house to flush ratio. Anything less will not yield in nearly as much profit, as playing full pay Jacks or Better with a 5 coin stake per game has an average return of 99.54%. With a little bit of skill and know-how, it is not at all unfeasible to push that return to be over 100%.

What's Important?

Despite what most would believe because of other versions of poker, the Ace is not the most important card in video poker, and when accompanied with three other high cards, is more of a liability than an asset. This is because the game is played solo, which means an Ace is worth the same as the Jack, Queen, and King, but is much more difficult to put within a straight. This is a common mistake among those who are new to the game, and nearly always ends up costing someone somewhere along the line.

Another important thing to know about video poker online is when to draw for a straight. While it is tempting to hold out for a straight while holding four sequential cards, this is a poor strategy unless it would be an open-ended straight, else the odds are too strongly stacked against ending up with a very poor hand. Arguably the most important tip, however, is to practice as much as possible before moving into real money games. Even after learning all the strategy in the world, it is vital to practice it before leaping in without enough experience to stay afloat. Learning strategy, practicing strategy and then knowing strategy will go a long way in pushing that 99.54% average return up just a little more.

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