Play Roulette Online and Win Continuously

Anyone who wants to play roulette online will do well to take some time to truly understand all of the rules, bets and strategies prior to putting down their first wagers. This is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and for good reason! There is a decent enough chance to win, but it's important to select the wheel that presents the best odds. Out of the American, French and European versions, it is always best to avoid the American because it has an extra pocket that almost doubles the house's edge. The French and European variants have about the same odds, but the French allow for the 'La Partage' rule which gives the player half of his or her wager back if the ball lands on zero.

Risking Real Money

Now, when it comes to placing wagers when someone chooses to play roulette online, there are literally hundreds of different combinations from which to choose. Of course, the worst odds come with what is known as the 'Straight Bet', which is a term used when someone puts their money on one number. The payouts are nice, but the odds are so low that people might as well just throw their money away. Rather, the best way to win continuously at this casino classic is to stick to 'even money' wagers, or those that are placed on red or black, even or odd, and high or low numbers. The payouts are smaller, but the odds are much better over time. For more info on roulette strategies and how to win check out this guide.

Systems for Bankroll Management

All of the betting systems out there are designed to help people retain their bankrolls for longer periods of time, thereby providing them with a more opportunistic view on winning. These are positive and negative progressions that are designed to be used with even money bets only. Essentially, the individual will choose a 'base unit' and either add to or subtract from it as they win or lose. The premise here is that wins make up for losses over time, but some of these systems can actually be detrimental - especially if the table has a tight limit.

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